About our company

Through wisix.com merchants have the opportunity to expose their products to the cyber market. Each merchant will be able to increase their custumers, promote their brands and sell their products through our virtual store.

Unlike other platforms, Wisix.com is not limited exclusively to food delivery. We are a Virtual Shopping Center that allows each merchant to operate their own virtual store without incurring high operating costs. No matter the variety of products or the type of business you operate, with Wisix.com you have the versatility to implement your virtual store in a simple and secure way.

Each user who accesses Wisix.com with the intention of purchasing a good or product through our store, can place their orders safely and quickly. We offer you the alternative of receiving the order in the comfort of your home, workplace, wherever you are, or you can simply stop by your supplier's store to pick up your order. You simply place the order and your delivery preference through our mobile or web app, we take care of the rest.

Wisix LLC (wisix.com) is a 100% Puerto Rican company, created on May 22, 2020, in San Juan de Puerto Rico. The name Wisix comes from the abbreviation of "We in Six", in recognition of the dedication and effort of a group of young entrepreneurs made up of six brothers.